20 potatoes a day

I’ve came across article about a man that decided to eat nothing but potatoes, 20 a day. An for 60 days!! Crazy man.


Chris is on a mission.  For 60 days, which started a little while back, he’s eating nothing but potatoes.  And maybe some spices.  For his height and weight, that works out to about 20 potatoes a day to maintain his caloric needs.

According to Chris, this is actual more protein than the FDA says you need.  Other nutrients, not so much (from his nutrient chart he’s low on calcium, vitamins A and E, zinc and some other stuff,) but he’ll probably be fine since this is basically a stunt unless he goes completely insane midway through and eats nothing but potatoes for the rest of his life.


Interesting, we’ll see what happens. What do you think?


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