American foods banned in Europe

Acorting to this post, there are quite a few American foods that are banned in Europe


Dairy products made with growth hormones. This was a big deal back when they first got approved in the USA, and I think it might have been stopped outright if the internet had been big enough at the time. It’s also the most boring recap I have to offer. Always lead with your weakest stuff, I say!

Genetically modified soy, corn and wheat. To be fair, to the best of my knowledge GMO wheat isn’t being grown anywhere in the world right now. You wanna know the real reason I’m against these things? They totally run counter to what all my comic book training has taught me. If you get genetically modified, you get a super power, and it’s going to be something you can use in a fight. Crop yield doesn’t qualify.



I am from Europe and didn’t know about that, but i am glad they did.


What do you think?


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