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Fantastic Vegan Pizza with Daiya Mozzerella Cheese

May 1, 2011

If you are vegan there is no reason for you not to eat pizza. You just eat vegan version. The meat is easy to be supplemented. What is really difficult is to find good alternative to cheese. Cheese ands specific taste and structure to conventional pizza. Vhat vegans usually use? Simplest cheese replacement is tofu. It looks similar to cheese but usually does not taste quite as nearly the same. There are tons of other better vegan cheese supplements but it is not easy to get them. Tofu is great vegan food and there are tons of good tofu recipes all over the web.

This great recipe for No-name pizza pie uses Daiya Mozzerella Cheese. It looks delicious and it should taste quite similar or at least as good as cheese on ordinary pizza.

image is from original recipe (

So how to make this pizza?

First you have to make the dough, let it rise, etc. I was so excited to learn that they had a Kitchen Aid hidden in a cupboard at the house! Once risen, we spread the dough with wet hands on our pizza pan and placed it in the oven. With the crust in the oven for its first round of baking, we sauteéd the onions with olive oil until they were well done. After 8 minutes it was time to add the toppings to our half-baked crust. We began with an even coating of pizza sauce, followed by a layer of spinach. I would have loaded it on but Carl was afraid the spinach wouldn’t “shrink down”. This is a common fear he has whenever we use spinach and one that never actually pans out. Next came the onions, jalapeños and white beans.

Check out original pizza recipe for detailed instructions.

IMHO this looks perfect and it is a must to try it. Unfortunatelly Daiya Mozzerella Cheese doesn’t seem to be available in Europe. So I can’t try it easily 🙂 I must find online store that sells it. Amazon seem to have sold them but it is not available at the moment.

Even with other vegan cheese  this recipe looks great. I will be making it soon.


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