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Having Fruit Baskets Delivered in London

September 6, 2012

It took me a pretty good while to figure out how to do it, but I eventually found the web site of fruitful office in England. I wanted to send my daughter something for her first day working at her new job in London. We sent her an entire basket of her favorite fruit, figs. She could never get enough of them and loved the fact that Maria and I had two mature fig trees in our yard. They produce three crops per year, so any time she came to see us we usually had figs ready to be picked if you were not afraid to compete with the local wildlife.


Calories in Tofu: Do You Want to Know All About It?

April 20, 2012

Many things and issues that you would find online about tofu. First, those who are looking to conduct researches about the food would do so online. There are many sites that provide people with a lot of information on the food.

In case you have already decided that you want to know how, you just simply browse the web and look for those websites that offer tutorials in cooking tofu. You can actually see lots of videos online where you can really learn how to cook tofu.

One can use different online payment systems to make payments for their purchases. After this, the people can receive their supplies through different shipment methods. Also, online systems provide people with recipes that they can use when they are making preparations of the foods. This is very important because there are many ways of getting the recipes.

There are also articles, wherein the step by step guide to cooking tofu is discussed. You don’t have to worry because you will definitely see lots of recipes of tofu. So, don’t waste your time, you should browse the web and learn how to cook tofu now.The information is put on the internet by professionals who are well informed on the issue. They tackle different topics on the food that are all informative. Also, those who are looking to purchase tofu can do so on the internet. There are many online stores that deal with the purchase of the food.

If you are planning to lessen your meat intake, you should learn how to cook tofu. It is very advantageous if you know how because you will be able to make your own recipes that are free from cholesterol, high calories and other unhealthy elements in the food. Actually, a lot of people want to know how to cook different recipes of tofu.

The tofu – what you need to know about cooking tofu

April 14, 2012

One of the popular foods is tofu. It is not once that you will hear people talking of the tofu. The term is very popular in hotels because people use it when they are asking for the food. This food is loved by many people because they know the benefits that they are set to get when they eat it. Also, the term can be seen in different food magazines that aim to teach people how to prepare different kinds of food.

Preparing tofu can be easy if one has the right recipe. In addition, one should have all the ingredients that are required for people to prepare tofu. From here, people would be good to go. However, it is important for one to ensure that they follow the recipe to the last dot so that they can end up with the best result. Patience, observation and keenness to details are the key to the preparation of this food.

There are thousands of varieties of foods that people can choose from. They all come with their own flavors and tastes that are very unique from one another. It is therefore important for people to note what they want from each food that they eat.

Since tofu is very popular, it is normally featured in the magazines. Many people find these magazines very helpful as they provide them with information on the food. When one is going to browse on the internet, they may come across the term. This is because it is very popular as people use it to research on the food.

Cooking tofu is an art. It requires people to have all information and ingredients that would be used to prepare the food. There are many things that people need before they prepare the food. The first one is the right knowledge. People should have all the information that they need to know about tofu. The information will help guide them in the process of preparing tofu. Also, people should have an idea that they want to follow when they are preparing it. This includes having the recipe that they will follow.


Vegan grilling guide

August 21, 2011

If you are vegan it does not mean there is no barbecue for you. Only if you are raw vegan. Otherwise there are lots of tasty recipes for grilling vegan food.


There are some interesting tips to follow when preapring veggies on grill


* Always start with a clean, oiled grill.


* Brush all the sides of the vegetables lightly with sunflower or canola oil. (Save expensive olive oil for drizzling over the vegetables after grilling.)


* Grill over a hot fire, but not too hot. Kafka offers the “four-second test” to gauge the temperature: If you can hold your palm two inches above the grill for a full four seconds, but no longer, the grill is ready for cooking.* Leave a little space between the vegetables to ensure even cooking. If the coals begin to flare up, move the vegetables aside and wait for the flames to subside before continuing.


* Use marinades to deepen flavours. But don’t leave the vegetables soaking in the marinade for more than a half-hour or so; otherwise they will get soggy.



For detailed instructions read full article: Vegetarian grilling guide


Grilled Corn on the Cob with Chipotle Crema

8 ears of corn, husks on but silk removed


Chipotle Crema:

2 canned chipotle chilies in adobo

1/2 cup (125 mL) sour cream (use vegan version with tofu sour cream)


2 limes, cut into wedges


Soak the corn by placing it in a large stockpot filled with water. (Use the kitchen sink if you have to.)

Allow the corn to soak for 20 minutes then remove from water, shake and squeeze tightly to remove excess water.

Meanwhile prepare the crema by puréeing the sour cream, salt and chipotles in a food processor.

Heat the grill to high and close the lid. Wait 15 minutes and lower heat to medium high. Place the corn on the grill rack and grill ears for five minutes. Turn the corn over and grill for another five minutes. Remove from grill and let rest another five minutes, keeping barbecue on with the lid closed. Pull back the husks to expose the corn kernels. Increase the grill temperature to high. Close the grill lid and allow the kernels to char for about five minutes per side, or until they are dark and golden brown on all sides. Remove the corn from the grill.

To serve, slather corn with chipotle crema and finish with a squeeze of lime

What about you? How do you grill your veggies or your favorite tofu?

Fantastic Vegan Pizza with Daiya Mozzerella Cheese

May 1, 2011

If you are vegan there is no reason for you not to eat pizza. You just eat vegan version. The meat is easy to be supplemented. What is really difficult is to find good alternative to cheese. Cheese ands specific taste and structure to conventional pizza. Vhat vegans usually use? Simplest cheese replacement is tofu. It looks similar to cheese but usually does not taste quite as nearly the same. There are tons of other better vegan cheese supplements but it is not easy to get them. Tofu is great vegan food and there are tons of good tofu recipes all over the web.

This great recipe for No-name pizza pie uses Daiya Mozzerella Cheese. It looks delicious and it should taste quite similar or at least as good as cheese on ordinary pizza.

image is from original recipe (

So how to make this pizza?

First you have to make the dough, let it rise, etc. I was so excited to learn that they had a Kitchen Aid hidden in a cupboard at the house! Once risen, we spread the dough with wet hands on our pizza pan and placed it in the oven. With the crust in the oven for its first round of baking, we sauteéd the onions with olive oil until they were well done. After 8 minutes it was time to add the toppings to our half-baked crust. We began with an even coating of pizza sauce, followed by a layer of spinach. I would have loaded it on but Carl was afraid the spinach wouldn’t “shrink down”. This is a common fear he has whenever we use spinach and one that never actually pans out. Next came the onions, jalapeños and white beans.

Check out original pizza recipe for detailed instructions.

IMHO this looks perfect and it is a must to try it. Unfortunatelly Daiya Mozzerella Cheese doesn’t seem to be available in Europe. So I can’t try it easily 🙂 I must find online store that sells it. Amazon seem to have sold them but it is not available at the moment.

Even with other vegan cheese  this recipe looks great. I will be making it soon.


What do you think?



Vegan Tofu Stir Fry With Peppers

April 10, 2011

Tofu is growing in popularity among vegetarians and meat-eaters. It lends itself well to a variety of flavors and cooking techniques. It makes a great binding and thickening agent for baking, in tofu burgers, or tofu quiche. It can be soft and crumbly, for tofu scrambles, tofu sloppy joes or lasagna. It becomes firm and crisp when marinated and fried or baked. It is a protein-rich food made from the extracted curd of soybeans and is an extremely versatile food, used in salads, main courses, drinks and desserts. Don’t know anything about it? Check out what is tofu made of.

There are three general types of tofu, and it’s important to choose the right type for your recipe. If you don’t know anything at all about tofu, you might want to check out tips for how to cook with tofu.


Firm tofu is the most common form, especially for stir fry. Often found packaged in the dairy section, it takes to marinades and is an excellent counterpoint in green salads. Seasoned and quickly pan-fried, tofu offers an excellent contrast in textures with its crispy exterior and soft creamy middle. 

I found interesting tofu recipe for stir fry.



100g firm tofu 
¼ of each green, red and yellow peppers – thinly sliced
1 tbsp minced garlic and ginger
50g shitake mushrooms thinly sliced
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tsp chili flakes
1 tbsp tomato puree
2 tbsp vegetable oil


Heat oil in a skillet, sauté garlic ginger for one minute. Add the tofu, saute mushrooms for 5 minutes. When they become golden brown, add soy sauce and tomato paste, stir well. Add chile flakes, salt to taste. Remove from heat and serve with your choice of main meal.


Simply and tasty. There are tons of really cool vegan recipes. No need to eat meat to eat well, simply use tofu ;). Check out some other tofu recipes.




Where to find great vegan tofu recipes

March 27, 2011

Who said that tofu has to be boring? These recipes tofu Thai cuisine are tantalizing taste buds. Ideal for vegetarians and vegans, recipes for everything from fried bean curd soup with tofu, noodles and tofu snacks, and great entrees. Try out some interesting tofu recipes.

Soy is so versatile it can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. We, of course, the best of both worlds. The next time you want to buy some soy or tofu, but have no idea how to cook tofu, we should be able to give you some great ideas. 
tofu recipes
In Thailand, pumpkin and coconut milk are commonly coupled to a variety of soups, curries, and even sweet dishes. Here combined with a light curry soup that makes for a wonderful vegetarian / vegan entry – similar to those served at your favorite Thai or Vietnamese. 

Healthy and delicious recipes, tofu Chinese curry is prepared from soy milk or cottage cheese curd (tofu). The tofu is sauteed with onions, tomatoes, sauces and spices to prepare Chinese cuisine an incredible surprise, the Chinese tofu curry. 

As a bonus, many of these recipes are gluten free. 
Learn how to make crispy fried tofu, which can be eaten alone or used as a complement to many of the recipes in this collection of tofu. Plus, get a lot of good tips on how to buy, print, and cooking with tofu. 

The most common response we receive from our customers when we mention the tofu is ick, I’ve tried and tested soft. This recipe for tofu, as all our recipes with tofu, seitan, tempeh and TVP, is very tasty. You can adjust the taste of my water over more or less long marinade or addition. 
Drain tofu of all water and press tofu blocks firmly with a cheese cloth or paper towel to remove excess water. 

A healthy alternative to the typical Avial with vegetables, the recipe for Avial novel soy cheese has a mix of vegetables with tofu or soy paneer. The tofu is cooked in a sauce of coconut and curd as comprising the best enjoyed with rice. If you are wondering what is tofu anyways and what the heck are we talking about don’t waste any time and give tofu a chance 🙂



Vegan chinese tofu with garlic sauce recipe

March 13, 2011

I love tofu and there are tons of delicious recipes. Some of them are not vegan but it is so easy to make vegan version out of most of them. Cooking with tofu is easy as you can virtualy use it in any food.

This recipe is for deep fried tofu cubes with garlic sauce. Mmmm. The images are fantastic. The only drawback for vegans is oyster sauce. No problemo. You can use any other sauce you like. The end result will not be the same but it will be great nevertheless. You can use tamari or any soy sauce, chilly sauce or any other vegan sauce. The decision is up to you.

So what will you need?

1 small box of firm tofu, washed and cut into bite-sized cubes (about 10-15 cubes)
1 1/2 tbsp oyster sauce
5 cloves garlic

How do you do it?

1. Take the tofu pieces and one by one, coat them with little cornstarch powder andr oll them in the cornstarch powder.
2. Deep fry the tofu pieces.
3. Fry garlic pieces in wok until golden brown.
4. Add sauce, mix, add tofu pieces.

Here is the image from original recipe (

chinese tofu with garlic sauce


Check out the source chinese tofu recipe for more details.


Do you like this one? Check out some other tofu recipes.

What is Tofu Made Of? – Soy off course

February 2, 2011

There was a time when I was not vegan. I was totally against it and I didn’t care about nothing else but meat. Meat meat meat. What do you say? Tofu? What the hack is that?

What I was missing back then 🙂 I trully had no idea what tofu was made of and to be honest I really didn’t care.

But…. now I know. And now I don’t care about meat.

So… How is tofu made?

Tofu is made by coagulating soy milk with salts such as calcium sulphate and pressing the resulting curds.


I am happy to be vegan. What about you?

Vegan recipe: Breaded Tofu Nuggets

January 26, 2011

Are you hungry?

Breaded Tofu Nuggets


1 block firm or extra-firm tofu, pressed
1/3 cup soymilk
2 tbsp mustard
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp dried parsley (optional)
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional)
3/4 cup bread crumbs


Nuggets are nice. This is nice vegan friendly recipe.
Read entire article for this tofu dish.