How to make Vegan Tofu Stir-Fry

January 20, 2011

I am glad that I am vegan. I have found so many new delicious foods. Quite often on my menu is vegan tofu stir fry. It’s simple and great and healthy thanks to tofu’s nutritional values. You can combine whatever vegetable you have in your fridge.


What you need
– wok
– 1 tablespoon coconut oil
– tofu (use firmer one if possible)
– paper towels (to dry the tofu)

– sliced vegetables of your choice (onions, carrots, peppers, broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, garlic) 

– marinade of your choice (e.g. low-sodium soy sauce + oyster sauce + cornstarch + rice vinegar) 

– rice or noodles (or any other side dish you prefer)


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The History of Tofu

January 14, 2011

Yeah, tofu is great and vegan eat it all the time. But do you know where it originated? Who is responsible for this delicious protein food?


Tofu History

According to one Chinese legend, tofu was invented when a cook decided to experiment by flavoring a batch of cooked soybeans with the compound nagari. Instead of flavored soybeans, he wound up with bean curd.

Earliest evidences of tofu in Chinese diets is a mural incised on a stone slab, where both Tofu and Soya milk appear. This stone is dated around 100 A.D. The first people to write about tofu were Chinese writers somewhere around 900 AD.

At first he tofu started spreading over Asia with the help of Buddhism. Around 750 A.D kento priests who went to China to study Buddhism brought Tofu to Japan.


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VIDEO: the secret life of beef

November 24, 2010

Short video from INFORM that tries to make people eat less beef by knowing how it is made.

link to video

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Nutrition for vegan athletes

November 16, 2010

Vegan diet is good. Good for you, for me and for everybody. But it is crucial that vegans eat right, not all vegan diet are healthy. For athletes is even more important.



Iron is quite important for building muscle and endurance. If you aren’t going to get this from beef, you’re going to have to make sure you’re eating the following on a regular basis:

whole grain cereals fortified with iron
legumes (beans, peas and peanuts)
dried fruit (especially raisins)
cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage)

In addition, you will want to combine these with foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits and berries; this will aid your body in absorbing and utilizing iron.

In lieu of dairy products, instead load up on fortified soy products as well as leafy greens to keep bones strong with sufficient calcium: mustard, kale and chard are powerhouse foods in this regard, as well as dried figs. Sesame seeds are also a decent source of calcium; a unique form of nut butter made from sesame, called tahini, is available in many Middle Eastern specialty stores and combines well with sweet as well as savory foods.


Rice and beans together make a complete protein – or almost any combination of grain and legumes. However, peanuts (which are actually legumes, not nuts) and soybeans provide complete proteins that are of the same quality as that derived from fish, poultry, dairy or eggs. Most tree nuts are also good sources of protein, and provide the additional benefit of healthy oils, such as omega-3 (also found in olive oil).


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Vegan cooking for carnivores

November 11, 2010

Great new vebsite for promoting veganism.


More videos on Vegan cooking for carnivores


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Happy meal banned

November 3, 2010

Acording to this interesting article, San Francisco bans Happy Meals.

Of course, the Happy Meal isn’t what’s being banned, just the current form of the thing, which is a toy to bribe kids into eating crap.  Apparently McDonald’s food is so terrible that you have to convince a 4 year old to eat it.  Uh huh.  Under the new rules, toy distribution will be linked to fruits and vegetables, and if you have too many calories, sugars, or fats in the meal, then you can’t have a toy, because apparently the grease is the toy.


IMHO that is really nice. I wonder when this ban will spread and eventually come to Europe…


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Vegan risotto with mushrooms

November 3, 2010

Delicious looking recipe for vegan risotto.


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Less meat for healtier life

November 2, 2010

Acording to this article, less meat could spare Britain 45 000 lives each year.


Friends of the Earth funded a new study by Oxford University researchers that finds that if people in the UK cut their meat consumption to 70 grams a day, the change of diet would eliminate more than 32,000 deaths a year.


Another question is how would this affect british economy…

Boneless bananas

November 2, 2010

WTF? Yeah, that’s right. Not a single bone in these bananas 🙂

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epic fail photos - CLASSIC: Sign FAIL


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Vegan books

November 2, 2010

Here is a short list of vegan books:


The World Peace Diet is one of the more important books on veganism. Will Tuttle describes our human connection to the world and how it’s impossible to eat something without that thing becoming part of us. He uncovers the growing truth about disease related to eating animals, as well as the world’s move toward a more compassionate, kind, loving, and therefore, meat-free lifestyle.




Though MAD COWBOY: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat was written ten years ago, Howard Lyman’s book is so fundamental to providing a case for veganism. As an ex-rancher, he knows the ins and outs of the cattle ranching industry and for him to have decided to stop eating meat underlines the core problems with the food industry. It’s also a great read for that manly man in your life who loves his meat and refuses to give it up.



More info in article:  books on veganism